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If you have followed a link here from one of my classes, I am not using this blog regularly these days, though I may start.

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Avoid Google Profit Scams!

My first post for this blog will be about how I came to start the blog: it all begins with the investigation of a scam.

I clicked on a Facebook ad and saved the link of what looked like a reputable newspaper article from the Watertown Tribune.

Clever, clever. Looks legit doesn't it? Doesn't "Mike Steadman" (which is the same name as a beloved character from the 1980s thirtysomething TV show) look like a nice, earnest, and trust-worthy guy?

I was duped but only momentarily.
I even entered my address, an auxiliary email (not my main one), and a fake phone number thinking I was going to “buy” a free kit to help me make money online using Google. But when it came to entering my credit card information, I stopped myself and did some googling myself.

When it comes to scams, lots of people are blogging on the subject. There’s a great blog at


as well as


or for in depth reading on Google profit scams check out


The upshot is not give out your credit card information unless absolutely certain you are working with a reputable company, say, like Amazon or Netflix.

But even if you’re very careful about safe guarding your financials, you can still be victimized. I was taken in by a mysterious charge on my account months ago from something called Moonpark. I have no idea how they got my credit card information.

check out




I was almost duped by the fake Watertown newspaper story because I have been wanting to become a content provider for sometime. I have wanted a blog that features well-researched content while running Google AdSense.

If you are as upset by these scams as I am, do what you can to help. Spread my blog or other people’s blogs far and wide. Get the word out about these scams so they do not dupe any other people, especially in our economy right now with so many people out of work and looking for ways to make money that are outside of traditional employment paradigms.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Added 0906.30 - Just spotted this as a linked add on my gmail:

The scam again

Same name but switched genders: Mary Steadman.
Don't fall for this!